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Don't you wish products would look as good years later as the day you bought them?
At least one product will: A fiberglass flagpole.
They are, quite simply, the most convenient, the strongest and most durable flagpoles money can buy.

Our F-line fiberglass flagpoles each include a rotating truck, flash collar, and stainless steel flag clips. They are traditionally white...but can be colored for an additional charge of $300 to $500 depending on the height. They can either be external halyard or internal halyard. Internal halyard comes in 3 different options - small access door, winch mechanism, or large access door - all of 3 which use rope. The base can either be ground set or tilting base. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you get a tilting base if you want an internal halyard. This makes repairs very easy. Depending upon the location, the hinge base (although more expensive upfront) can save money in the future by lowering maintenance costs. The hinged system allows you to tip the pole over to service easily without the need for a lift. One last option is a yardarm (see photo).

F-Line Fiberglass Flagpoles