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If you are trying to figure out the best options for your custom flag, we recommend you browse below over our wide selection of past works that will surely give you the assurance that you will come out with a perfect custom made flag. Also, if you want quality flagpoles for your custom flags, we also have the best quality indoor and outdoor poles. In addition, we also render pole installation services to complete your flag project.

For inquiries, please contact us at A Wavell Flagpole LLC in Corpus Christi, TX today.


Pricing is based on material, size and quantity of flags, and whether single face/reverse or double faced.

Please browse below and see all of the quality custom flags we have done in the past!


3'x5' sf nyl

Saint Elizabeth

4'x6' SF NYL


4 x 6 DS nyl

Bethune Early Child Care

3'x5' SF Nyl


3'x5' Double Faced 100% Duraknit Polyester

BSI Services

4'x6' &* 5'x8' Double Faced Nylon

Americano Label

Americano Label - 3'x5' SF/R Nylon

GP Transport

GP Transport 5'x8' SF/R NYLON


8'x12' SF/R nylon

SKIP Entertainment

3x5 SF/R Nylon

Driscoll Childrens Hosp

4x6' DF Nylon

Corpus Christi Police 3 x 5

CCPD 3x5 ft Nylon SF

Refinery Terminal Fire Company

3'x5' - Digitally Printed - Duraknit Polyester

Calallen CATS Flag

3'x5' Double Faced - Nylon - Printed

Bridges Specialties Inc.

3'x5' - DF - 3.8 oz. polyester - Digitally Printed


5x8' & 6x10' Appliqued - Nylon

Bottom Line Services

3'x5' - SF - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

La Buena Vida

4'x6' - SF - Inkjet - Nylon

Downtime Services

3'x5' - 3.8 oz polyester - SF - Digitally Printed

Corpus Christi Hooks

6'x10' - SF - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

Port of Corpus Christi

4'x6' - Dye Printed - SF/R - Nylon

Nurses on Wheels, Inc.

4'x6' Acid Dye Print

Texas Champion Bank

8x12' and 10x15' - APPLIQUED Flags

John Paul II

4'x6' - Digitally Printed - DF - Nylon

Ingleside ISD

5'x8' - DF - Appliqued

Dimmit's Goliad

4'x6' - Applique - SF/R - Nylon

Del Mar College

4'x6' - SF- Acid Dye - Nylon

Education Service Center

3'x5' - SF/R - Printed


3'x5' - SF - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

Braselton Homes

3'x5' - SF - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed


3'x5' - SF - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

Molly's Special Olympics

2'x3' - DF - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

Prime Maint. & Const.

5'x8' - SF - Nylon - Digitally Printed

Made in Corpus

3'x5' - SF - Nylon - Digitally Printed


4'x6' - Nylon - Digitally Printed

Pickett Systems

3'x5' - SF - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

Riverhill - Kerrville, TX

4'x6' - SF/R - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

Compass Bay Apts.

4'x6' - Appliqued - SF - Nylon

Emerald Beach Hotel

4'x6' - Nylon - SF - Digitally Printed

Trout Trucking

3'x5' - Nylon - Digitally Printed

Journey Church

5'x8' - Nylon - DF - Digitally Printed

CCB Fabricators

5'x8' - Nylon - DF - Digitally Printed

CC Disposal

5'x8' - SF/R - Printed - Nylon

CBSV Cemetary

3'x5' - Indoor Nylon with Fringe - Digitally Printed


3'x5' - Nylon - Digitally Printed

Bromley Gas Measurement

5'x8' - Nylon - Digitally Printed

United Rentals

3'x5' - Nylon - Digitally Printed

Wintrode Fire Dept.

2.5x4' - 200D Knitted Poly - DF - Digitally Printed

TX Molecular

3'x5' - Nylon - Digitally Printed

TT Electronics

3'x5' - DF - Screen Printed

Fagioli HL & Transport

6'x10' - 3.8 oz poly - DF 6'x10' - Nylon - SF Digitally Printed

Tex Isle - George West, TX

3'x5' - SF - SF/R - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

MIKEY banner

3'x10' - DF - 3.8 oz polyester - Digitally Printed

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