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Flagpoles undergo considerable wear and tear, as they receive constant exposure to the elements. Resolving these issues on your own can be difficult—or even dangerous—without the proper experience. We offer flagpole maintenance and repair services to keep your flagpole looking its best.

Flagpoles are vitally important, and must be maintained accordingly. Our staff members understand this, and are well prepared to bring your flagpole up to snuff. Whether it is a minor repair or a major overhaul, our flagpole service is just a phone call away.

When it comes to flagpoles, many issues can crop up over time. Paint can chip or peel, ropes can fray, hardware can rust or deteriorate, and foundations can begin to crumble. At times, an improperly installed flagpole can begin to bend. Our flagpole service specialists can fix that, keeping your flagpole straight and true. A Wavell Flagpole LLC is well equipped to deal with all of these issues. Our flagpole service ensures that your flagpole is always looking as impressive as it should.

At A Wavell Flagpole LLC, located in Corpus Christi, TX, we want to see that your flag and flagpole are well maintained and last a long time. We are there for you every step of the way, from custom flag designs, to flagpole installation, to our flagpole service. We are dedicated to keeping your flags and flagpoles at their best.

If your flagpole is looking a little worse for wear, be sure to give us a call to schedule an inspection or a repair job. We also specialize in relocating flagpoles. We believe that flagpoles have an important job to do, and should always be in tip-top shape.

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