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Sovereignty internal stainless steel cable flagpoles have many features that the Independence line has (including the flash collar). In lieu of the rotating winch base assembly and welded flush mounted door frame assembly, the Sovereignty series uses a matched set of inner and outer cast door frame castings as used on the Sentry flagpole series. The frame castings are attached to the flagpole shaft using a series of 8 tamperproof stainless steel bolts. The winch mounts securely to the back wall of the flagpole using a thick cast aluminum spacer and tamperproof screws. The handle access hole is at a 90 degree angle from the door. This flagpole is easily serviceable this way. The door is secured with tamperproof screws. Standard finish is satin. However, anodized and powder coat is also available for an additional charge.

Satin Sovereignty Internal Aluminum Flagpole

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