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Admiral - Heavy Duty cast iron stand with golden anodized aluminum cover - this stand is the most preferred amongst our customers. The admiral is pictured third.


Liberty - Brilliant metalicized finish over ABS plastic base. These are not weighted and need sand. The liberty is pictured fourth.


Commodore - Looks like the admiral - but is over an ABS plastic base instead. The commodore is pictured fifth.


American Beauty - These cast stands are design to complement any flag set. Easily movable, these are the most practical stands for general use.


Endura - Our second most popular floor stand. Comes complete with weighted inner core and brilliant anodized finish.


Federal - Cast stand with universal bore. Supplied with adapter sleeves.


Plastic Portable - Made of strong durable plastic. Stand measures 2 ft x 2 1/8" when completely folded. Color is rich dark brown. Supplied with adapter sleeves.


Regent - Similar to liberty. Tough, beautiful plated plastic stand complete with adapter sleeves. These are not weighted and need sand.


Three Hole - Cast stand creates a display of 1, 2, or 3 flags. Supplied with adapter sleeves.


U.S. Stand - Comes complete with a gold anodized aluminum outer shell formed around a rugged, cast inner shell


Viscount - Plastic stand with color impregnated finish (not painted). - complete with adapter sleeves


Guidon Stand - These easily movable stands come either chrome or silver painted. Adapter to fit the guidon pole is included with this stand. The guidon chrome is pictured second.

Indoor Flagpole Stands

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