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This two piece pole is made from aluminum and available in three styles: Brushed Silver, White, or Woodgrain.
Our woodgrain pole provides the classic look of a wood pole, with the durability of aluminum and the spinning feature!
Will never rust or need painting!

What makes this pole unique is the top 37" of the pole rotates on ball bearings so the flag always hang free (for use with any nylon flag or banner with a pole sleeve up to 3'x5').  For the easiest and most versatile installation ever, the pole comes with flag fasteners for flying traditional flags with grommets and a swivel ring for banner display. The pole is 1" in diameter. 13 Position Bracket & 3x5 US NYLON Flag with embroidered stars included. US Flag may be substituted for any other 3x5 Nylon flag (may incur additional charge). Just let us know.

House Mounted Spinning Flagpoles with 3x5 US NYLON Flag & 13 Position Bracket

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