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These flagpoles have a more heavily built and have an increased butt diameter than our F-Line fiberglass flagpoles. While our F-Line fiberglass poles stop at 40', these start at 20' and go on to 100' tall!!! Color can be white, black, or bronze. Custom colors are available for an additional charge. These flagpoles (like the others) are offered in external and internal versions. Base options are ground set, anchor base, and hinge base. Butt diameter starts at 5.75" (20') and increases with size up to 17.5" (100'). They come in 2 different models...standard commercial and severe weather. The wind rating on these fiberglass flagpoles is 125mph unflagged. The manufacturer warranty on them is 25 years on the pole shaft and 1 year on the hardware & fittings.

P-line Fiberglass Flagpoles

  • Single & Double Nautical Flagpoles  with Yardarm and/or Gaff are also available in sizes ranging from 25' - 60'. Please contact us for a quote if interested in this option.

  • Our manufacturer is very pleased to announce a major breakthrough in its flagpole coating technology. They are now using a new patented aliphatic polyurea coating formulation that has undoubtedly propelled their product quality to a new advanced level.

    This new chemistry has proven to outperform polyester based gel coat which is the standard for most other fiberglass flagpoles. It provides an extremely hard, high gloss, yet flexible surface that has shown extraordinary South Florida testing results and accelerated ultraviolet cyclic weather testing.

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