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Outrigger wall mount aluminum flagpoles with tapered shafts are available from 8 ft to 20 ft in length for mounting applications where the flag will be below the roof line. Flagpoles mount at 30 and 45 degree diagonals to the wall. The A31, A32, and the newly redesigned A34 brackets utilize a fabricated aluminum back plate with a cast or fabricated decorative aluminum cover. Standard fittings include revolving truck assembly, 5/16" halyard and nylon flag snaps, 9" cast aluminum cleat and gold anodized ball. Poles larger than 15' will require additional bracing. 
Standard finish is satin (as priced). Powder coat is available for an additional charge.
Optional Accessories
Cleat covers with either cylinder lock or padlock tabs are optional. An optional retainer system is available to aid in raising and lowering the flag, as well as keeping the halyard in line with the shaft and the wall angle. Kit consists of an additional retainer halyard, cleat and retainer pulley.


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