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The flagpole that started it all. A solid one piece flagpole made of steel, vinyl, and nylon hardware.This flagpole is custom built by the owner of the business and will make a great addition to your residential or commercial property. It is an external halyard flagpole. Weighing in at 85 pounds, it is quite sturdy and is rust proof. We have these flagpoles all around the Corpus area and have been doing them for 31 years. These flagpoles come with a 2 year limited warranty on the flagpole shaft. The price INCLUDES installation (in unobstructed dirt). The pole is white in color. It comes with a starter US Flag - which can be upgraded to a better material and either a 4" gold ball or silver ball (which can also be upgraded to a Medium eagle or 8" Texas star). This budget friendly flagpole can hold up to 2 flags - a 4x6 and a 3x5 or 2 3x5s. This flagpole must be installed and can not be shipped. - mileage will be charged if outside our 25 mile local radius.

20' Custom Flagpole (external halyard)

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