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The A-line offers the homeowner and commercial flagpole customer the finest space-age fiberglass-composite technology at a price that is more competitive than old fashioned, wide-butt, traditionally manufactured flagpoles.These flagpoles use internally pressure molded fiberglass technology to produce the strongest, lightest, sleekest, most wind resistant flagpole on the market. In addition, the tough clear gel-coat finish keeps the flagpole looking new for the life of the flagpole. They are offered as ground set or hinge base (triangular shaped base) , external or internal halyard, and include a round flash collar. Internal halyard, for this series, is only available with hinge base and features a winch system using a handle and an access hole. Yardarm (with or without gaff) add-on is also available. Please call us for yardarm quotation if interested. Butt diameters range from 4.5" to 7". Freight and installation (if needed) will be calculated separately.

A-Line Fiberglass Flagpoles

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